Anonyme Rechtsanwalt Firma

In Zeiten des Internetabmahnungspingpongs und anderen rechtlichen Hick Hacks, durch den der Anwalt in unliebsames Licht geworfen wird, ist es Zeit für die Anwaltschaft sich umzuorientieren:

Anonymous Law Firm LLP is one of the world’s most celebrated law firms, or at least we like to think so. With clients, attorneys, values and traditions, the Firm holds a place of its own in most directories of legal enterprises. Our lawyers provide a range of billable services to clients, and are familiar with many of the things that attorneys ought to understand. Our global presence reflects the existence of offices worldwide. Our work indicates a longstanding commitment to maximizing profits, and an unparalleled dedication to the perception of success.

Und es werden noch weitere anonyme Juristen gesucht.


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