GTD-App News

Während Midnight Inbox sich allmählich der Version 1.0 nähert (zur Zeit ist es Version 0.9.7) und Thinking Rock ohne Suchfunktion treulich langsam vor sich hin brummt, raschelts ein wenig bei der OmniGroup, die auf Fragen nach der zukünftigen GTD-Applikation OmniFocus folgendes völlig glaubhaft und überzeugend mitteilt: nix genaues weiss man nicht.

Im Original heisst das:

I can’t make any commitments yet on specific features that will be included in OmniFocus (I know, I’m all “ask us anything!” and then I give you, “errr…except that”). We’re still defining how features will work; figuring out implementation and UI, and creating crazy mockups using OmniGraffle (oh, OmniGraffle, is there anything you can’t do?).

I will say that the “interface stuff” – how the software looks, the way that it works, the experience you have when using it – is exactly what can distinguish one app from another and make all the difference in its value. If OmniFocus ends up being a joy to use, if it seamlessly integrates into your workflow, if it stays out of your way but provides you with what you need, then we’ll have accomplished some of our biggest goals.


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